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13 December 2015 @ 06:53 pm

Pair: YamaChii forever!

Genre: fluff, romance

Author: kiwokchwan

Beta-ed : hikarichan92

Summmary : Thare’s only one sentence for Chinen’s birthday that made him weep in joy. “Thank you, Ryosuke”

P.S : From Yamada’s Point of View. Dedicated for my lovely bias’s birthday, Chinen Yuri.





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Otsukaresama deshita!

Otsukare! Yamada-kun!

“So perfect! Thanks for today, Yamada-kun!”

“You’re wonderful! Thanks for today!”




Okay, shut up. Enough for today, dudeh. I’m totaly sick of this work. I mean... no. I like being an idol or actor or singer or whatever you say, but I hate it when I have to show this poker face to my fans. Oh, yeah... I'm pretending everyday just for the sake of money. Regardless when I was in bad mood, a wide yet fake smile must always spreaded across my lips. You know how tired I am.

Tring~ you’ve got mail~

I frown as I take my cellphone from my pant’s pocket.

Ryosuke, how’s your job? ƪˆ)ʃ Did you enjoy it? I know you’re tired. Get rest soon! ()

Wow. I got my warmth, really. This message is so....

“Yamada-kun? What’s wrong?”

I’m surprised and turn around to find someone who’s calling me. “Ah, nothing...” Watanabe-san, one of the staff on my work’s place approaches me while smirking.

“You just smiled and... oh, blushing when you open your phone. Is there any special thing? Was it from a girl?”

I laugh directly. Girl? Maybe nah.... “Yes, someone who’s like a girl. Ahahaha...”

“Eh? What do you mean? Your girlfriend?” he asks further. I’m still in my laugh. “Johnny-san would kick me from the agency if I have a girlfriend hahaha..”

“Ah, so cruel. So? She is your crush?”

Crush nah... “I dont know. This feeling is so complex.”

“Wow. Young man’s feeling, hahaha! It’s okay.. fight for your feeling if you really like her.” He says and then leavingme alone. I grin at my spot before rushly back to my phone to type something.

I’m okay. And I enjoyed it. You too. Get rest soon.


Now i’m really smiling. A trully smile from the bottom of my heart.

“Yamada-kun! Your fetch has arrived!” the other staff yells at me. “Ok, i’ll be there in few minutes!” I quickly tidy up my stuff, then come to my manager who is already waiting for me outside.

“Your face is sparkling brightly. This is so unusual. What happened?”

I just give a smile as a respond before shifting my body on the passenger seat.

My manager snorts, “Well, no problem if you refuse to answer. I have know about it.”

“You don’t know anything about me, Ken-san. He’s the only one who know me for whole.” I shouted.

“Right. Just Chinen-kun who knows everything about you.”

I laugh again. So easy, right? If it comes to him I can laugh a lot. And yes, only him who’s know everything about me.

Hello, Everyone! I’m Yamada Ryosuke. A very famous idol. Everyone knows me. But now, i’ll tell you about someone who knows the whole of me. Someone who can make me happy. Someone who’s always there for me. He is...

Chinen Yuri.

This is Story About Him

-Yamada Ryosuke's point of view-

“My Heart Tells Everything”



And beta-ing by


Canon, romance, slice of life.



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08 March 2015 @ 12:35 pm
Tittle : Proof
Author: Raras Vadma (Kiwok)

Beta : Mayu Chiharu (Thanks a lot honeeeh~ :* wkkw)
Pair: Yamada Ryosuke
Chinen Yuri
Genre: Romance, Slice of (Yamada's) life

Rating: NC16
Warning!! : Weird Smut. Weird dirty language LOL XD
Summary : Yamada wants to make a proof. He was so sick of what jr. talked about him.


You should know... Yamada is the most ero, nasty, pervert member in group!Collapse )

Chotto.. dont bash me 'coz weird language bwahahaha >//////< and... you guys know so well what is limousine, marble, frence bread, tunnel, benzine, melt butler, gasoline, ect~ lol. Thanks so much for Mayu Chiharu for beta-ing my first NC ff >w< Then.... i dedicate this fanfic to all member in Ryomeo Yuriet group in whatsapp. if you an Indonesian and you YamaChii shipper and you have whatsapp.. contact me and i'll add you in my group! my lovely group~  hohoho... or if you YamaChii shipper and have whatsapp or line app, contact bgirlie-nee, and she will add you on YamaChii international group in whatsapp or line >w<
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18 September 2014 @ 09:18 pm

Title: What Are You Doing?!
Author: Kento's wife #slap :'v
Pair(s): as usual~ YamaChii >w< hint for TakaDai and YabuNoo :3 OkaChii just a bit :p
Genre: romance, AU
Warning: gramatical error U.U Boys Love :v
Recently Chinen was very close to Keito. Yamada certainly jealous, but the truth is Chinen who has too much jealous with the busyness of Yamada. Then Inoo sees everything! Don't do 'it' in public!! and well, Yabu-papa was raging.


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Be careful! This is exhausting wkwk >w<
Anyone want to answer? Just copy and paste but don't my answer :3 Actually there was a lot of questions for other members Johnny, but seeing as I most like Hey Say JUMP so I just took Johnny's question memes for Hey Say JUMP! fufu ~

This is it!

Which Johnny's unit is your favorite? Hey Say JUMP!

Why? Love is love. No need reason for it! Fufu~

Who is your favorite Johnny? From Hey Say JUMP is YamaChii. From Sexy Zone is Kenty(?) wkwk, from KATTUN is Kamehameha ah i mean
Kamenashi Kazuya lols, from Arashi is Ohno, from NEWS is Tegoshi, from Yayayah(?) is Taiyo XD

What Junior/Junior unit do you hope will debut next? Bakada 6 pleaseeee!! I want Jesse focus on singing not in drama >,< and Sexy Boys, Iwahashi Genki (desu ka) is my Ichiban, i sure! LOL

Who is your favorite senpai unit? I look senpai from Hey Say Jump so it’s Kamenashi Kazuya from KATTUN

When was your very first contact with a Johnny? Desember 2013. And it’s because i watched Tantei Gakuen Live Action. My eyes being ‘love’ when met chibi Yamada nyahaha XD

How did you learn about him/them? Learn for what :v if i like them i just loving them and following their activity in media lols XD

Do you have a favorite actor in Johnny’s? Yamada Ryosuke fufufu~

What was your very first drama starring a Johnny? Tantei Gakuen Q series lols XD

Do you have a favorite drama starring a Johnny? Scrap Teacher~ that's drama is the only drama that doesn't involve HSJ members in love. moreover Yoshida is so damn kawaii >,<

What Johnny's drama have you watched lately? I watch Suikyuu Yankees now, Yuto is so bright on there wkwk XD

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03 July 2014 @ 11:53 pm
Maa.., I feel kyun kyun(?) when i saw new Yamachii photos lately. Aaaahh Chii as usual cute and charming. And Yama-chan... well, his hair style seems slang(?) XD but he still handsome ne.. (I know he also cute, but as long as he is 'seme' for Chii so i decided call him handsome or maybe... sexy*he said he wants to be sexy XD* )

But I think this is not balanced :/ either because Ariyama photos more scattered than Yamachii photos on my veranda's facebook or because Daichan now also call Yama with 'Ryosuke' -___- You can read translation part of Daichan call Ryosuke in here

That's must be a typo :v i'm not AriYama shipper so i don't agree if Daichan call Yamada 'Ryosuke' as Chii call him. Yama said that he want called by his lover as Ryosuke. Chii is yamada ryosuke's lover (if you don't agree with me just ignore my assume :v) so let Chii only who calling 'Ryosuke' :v

But seriously! Ck, from the beginning I want to discuss the fact that the latest Yamachii's photo was sad >,< On there, Chii looks happy and embraces Yamachan tenderly, even Chii wants to kiss him. But Yamachan's expression looks reluctantly. when Chii linking his arm on Yamada's arm, seems the Chubby doesn't want it. Hwaaaaaa i don't like it >.< the person who should have more intimate is Yamachan! but on that photos seems that Chinen being ignored T.T (well, this is just my assume :v)

Someone said that they wear twins bracelets. but actually not. U.U Try to look good either, although have same the black bracelets, it's different thing. Yamada's type is beads while Chinen has rubber type. But that makes happy, there are the same tiny silvery locket in their bracelets ^^

Jaa, this's their rabu rabu photos~

YamaChii rabu rabu new

chinen doesn't have a muscular uric as men in general :v his hands so clean and bright wkwk XD


My conversation between fellow Yamachii fans

Me: The new yamachii's photos are romantic, but Yamachan looks not romantic. Chii looks dominant.
Friend: Yes, I think so. But maybe it was ordered by photographer and Johnny. as usual .. camouflage so as not to caught that YamaChii already married haha B)
Me: Ouch, my feel of 'YamaChii is real' grow back~
Friend: I told you! Yamada's love just for Chinen!
Me: certainly! XD
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18 June 2014 @ 08:58 pm
Title: Reunion
Genre: general, friendship
Pair: YamaChii, YamaKami (friendship) xoxo
Author: Kiting Bewok
Summary : Yamada will acting on detective drama again with Kamiki Ryunosuke, his pal. But unlucky, Kawaguchi Haruna instead flirting to Yama-chan. it makes annoyed! Hey! Yama belongs to Chinen!!

A/N: Hohoho~ another fanfic by me ^,^ i'm bit doubt with the title wkwk.. maybe will be weird. but feel free to read ne XD i just see the photo of Yamada and Kamiki with Kindaichi uniform. kyaaa they're so handsomeee >,< i so miss Dan Detectice School Live Action. That time yamada was cute and small(?) but now Yama so kakkoi and more serious with his role. Aaah i'm impatient to watch Kindaichi Neo >,< but i don't want to see Haruna flirting Yamachan! He is Chinen's only! haha~

Jaa, let's reading~

Only my family who can call me RyosukeCollapse )


Chooo kakkoi~ they're still suitable to be high school student ne. I can't wait to watch their drama >,< just Ignore that sucks girl lalala ~ XD btw, the answer so klise, because Chinen is Yama-chan's wife bwahahaha >w<
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11 May 2014 @ 12:53 am
Title: Tanjoubi KE--KI
Author: Me
Genre: Comedy and romance, family insert.
Pairing: Yamachii and JumPairing(s)
Warning: BAD ENGLISH! I'm sorry for weird language U_U
Summary: At midnight they were celebrating birthday for Yamada with strawberry cake. Then...

You will surely love it!Collapse )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ICHIBAN :* This is my peresento for you~


Gomen ne if my draw worse hehe I know Yamachan more kakkoi than my draw. But i hope you guys like it ne. Ah.. sorry for late post too, actually i want to post on Yamada's birthday. But my internet connection was bad. Hehe.. Jaa, bye bye~
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17 April 2014 @ 11:20 pm
i make a fanfic again! Yeaaah, All Hail YamaChii \^o^/ hohoho... well, actually i'm in bad mood with Yamada now that's way i turned(?) to Chinen XD But they shouldn't turn to each other, ok. wkwk forget it. Jaa, second fanfic from me!

Title : GUEST
Author : me as Chinen's wife XD
Genre : General
Pair : zutto zutto YamaChii~
Warning! : Bad English and crispy strory (maybe) wkwk
Summarry : Chinen
is ungood at fashion taste. All the clothes and hairstyle when he in front of camera are the work of Hey Say JUMP Stylist. Yosha!! Then, don’t protest if I’ll makeover your style, ne?” Gosh! Chii seems have oppai?! check it up!

To doshi koshi koshi~Collapse )

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14 April 2014 @ 07:19 pm
Hmmm... actually i'm bit confused what i want write on this entry. But i decided to share about my experience becomes Tobikko or Jumpers ^_^
So... this way...

Keluarga bahagiaaa XD

Becomes TobikkoCollapse )
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