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18 September 2014 @ 09:18 pm

Title: What Are You Doing?!
Author: Kento's wife #slap :'v
Pair(s): as usual~ YamaChii >w< hint for TakaDai and YabuNoo :3 OkaChii just a bit :p
Genre: romance, AU
Warning: gramatical error U.U Boys Love :v
Recently Chinen was very close to Keito. Yamada certainly jealous, but the truth is Chinen who has too much jealous with the busyness of Yamada. Then Inoo sees everything! Don't do 'it' in public!! and well, Yabu-papa was raging.


This day Hey Say JUMP has held a photoshoot for their new album, S3ART album more correctly. Look from the theme, they’re using colorfull costumes like a rainbow. It makes all members look funny and charming.

“Kawaii ne, Chinen~” Said Yuto after Chinen come out from the dress room. “it’s suit for you!”

“Arigatou~ You look cool too!” Chinen replied with chuckled, then his eyes glance to someone. “Keito!!”

Okamoto Keito turn head and smiling to the cute guy. He approaches to him and messing his hair.

“Mou, my hair!” Chinen struggles while pouting, makes Keito giggled and increasingly want to tease again. Lately Keito was so close to Chinen. That’s cute guy also so spoiled toward The Guitarist. Unconsciously, his spoiled attitude toward Keito make someone annoyed. Actually, Chinen was used to be spoiled with all people. it's just that, when he was formally belongs to 'someone', of course it becomes very annoying.

“Yama-chan..?” Dai-chan approaches Yamada who has murmur, his eyes glare toward Chinen and Keito. The Pengu chuckles as understand the chubby guy’s gaze. “Jealous?”


“Liar,” Inoo sudden shout. “Chinen and Keito will be paired in photoshoot later. Are you fine with that?”

“Maa, You’ll see...” Yamada smirks to Inoo and Dai-chan, without saying again he go away while murmuring. Two of them only shrugged.

“Chinen-kun, take your seat please! After this, you’ll be paired with Okamoto-kun!” said the Photographer. Chinen nods and goes to  his seat. While The Photographer has setting his camera, Yamada come to him with a serious face. “Sumimasen, i have one request,”

“What is it?” The Photographer looked up.

“Can i paired with Chinen for photoshoot later?”

The Photographer nods easily. “Yes you can. Only that?”

“I want to be with Chinen and Keito in this photoshoot.”

“Eh? If only three of you, how about Nakajima-kun? You can be in the same shoot with Chinen-kun and Okamoto-kun for Seven’s photoshoot later, ok?”

“No! it’s not like that. Actually i don’t want Chinen shooting with Keito only. Let me shoot with them! Pleaaase!” Yamada insisted. The Photographer doesn’t have any choice if Yamada already begged. “Well, it’s up to you then. Provided that you must look good on photoshoot ne..”

“Yosha! Arigatou!” Yamada said contentedly. Yabu and Yuya who unintentional heard their conversation looked each other with confused face.

“Yama-chan too over...” Yuya whispered.

“Yes. Over jealous.” Yabu added.


“Nah, finish for your photo self, Chinen-kun!” shouted The Photographer. Chinen cheered with usual cute voice and all people there laughed.

“Now, time for you to shoot on pair.” Said other Photographer, “Okamoto-kun and... Yamada-kun, please!”

“EH?” Chinen sudden yelp, also did Keito. “Chotto.. I already paired with Keito, why Ryo—“

“C’mon Chinen-kun! We don’t have many time again.” Shouted The Photogrhaper. Chinen sighs, he perforced to save his confused question for later.

“I will be in the center!” Yamada hissed, moves his position. Chinen snorts hard but not say anything. Keito even only shake one’s head.

“Three of you please sticking cheeks each other!” asked The Pothographer. They do it perfectly.

“Then, Yamada-kun and Okamoto-kun try to lift Chinen-kun with bridal style!” asked The Photographer again. Other members who seeing to them giggled together.

“Well, there will be fierce ne~” teased Hikaru, Chinen face already like a boil crab.

“I will lifting Chinen!” Yamada shouted.

“No, it’s me!” Keito doesn’t concede.


“I am!”

“Yuri is mine!” Yamada glares to Keito. The guitarist of JUMP seems doesn’t want to defeated, “I’m the first who paired with Chii! So i’m first who will lifting him!”


Yamada and Keito still contending. No one wants to give in. Chinen even can’t arbitrating both of them. Other members also not intend to do it.

“just do Jan Ken Pon!” Hikaru shouted the suggestion, everyone agreed with it but Yamada and Keito certainly won’t do it.

Enough please! Two of you will lifting Chinen-kun together! Don’t debate again!” finally The Pothographer decided.

“Well.. if like that, i’m still will be in center to lift Chinen!” Yamada starts again. Chinen clucked and glaring toward his lover, “Ryosuke! Why you so stubborn now?”

“I have the reason,” Yamada answered.

The Photographer being annoyed then looked to The Cute guy. “Chinen-kun, you should decide by yourself for the one who will lifting you.”

“I choose Keito.” Chinen said directly. Big shock for Yamada and  to much laugh for other members, specially Inoo-chan and Hikaru, meanwhile Keito only grinning to keep the feeling of Yamada. Because The Buta is a good actor who can stabilizing his emotion, he give in Chinen lifting by Keito and he just following them.

“Hai’ okay! Otsukare!” The Photographer shouted to end the photoshoot for three of them. “Next, Inoo-kun! Take your seat ne...!”

“Hai’!” shouts The  prettiest guy in JUMP.

Yamada immediately dragging Chinen to go away from others. He directs The Cute guy without say anything towardsF a yard.

“Ryosuke... tsk, it’s hurt! Why are you so mad to me?” Chinen whines.

“Sit down here.” Said Yamada with cold voice. Chinen only comply his words while pouting. The Chubby guy also sit down beside a cute one, he sighs then looked to him, Yamada’s gaze being soft slowly to Chinen then. “I don’t like when you so close with Keito.”

“And i don’t like when you so close with Dai-chan.”  Chinen replied.

“Yuri please,” if Yamada already calling Chinen with ‘Yuri’, it means the conversation has important, “Me and Dai-chan just close in work for Kindaichi! After all, Dai-chan loves Yuya.”

“Nah, the same with me. I’m close with Keito only in work like this photoshoot.  After all, I love you.”

The big ultimatum suprise for Yamada. He is blushing for sure.

“Something like this also has happened when you and Yutti together in Risou no Musuko. The Super Dilected era. Am I not allowed to reply my jealousy toward you, huh?” Chinen glances to The Buta.

“But i and Yuto-kun not dating in private like you, Yuri. Super Dilected era only in work! Yabu-kun and Inoo-chan told me that you were dating with Keito to restaurant, is it right?” Yamada keep stay cool and staring straight to Chinen.

“So what?”

“You're betrayer!”

Chinen glares directly. “Don’t judge me, Ryosuke! You’re still busy! Other members too! Only Keito who free from filming or else!”

“Then how about your mom? She surely cook for you, right? Or you can delivery for some food! You shouldn’t go to restaurant with him only, Yuri!”

Chinen already get boil because his lover words, he pissed off. “I hate you then!”


“I didn’t want to eat! I’m not in appetite! I’m not in the mood to do anything! When i’m lonely and starving, i wanted you come to me and eating with me! But you couldn’t visit me! Even just send me a message! You’re busy! And Keito not in busy! He came to me and cheering me to eat whereas i won’t! I just wanted you but again, you’re busy!! Busy to be a Kindaichi who loves boobs, and girl's legs, and whatever!!”

Yamada can’t speak anything to answer his lover statement. Much to his shock. Chinen was so emotional and it makes Yamada’s heart being warm also smarting. His cutie boy was lonely but he doesn’t sensitive with his feeling. How cruel...

“Yuri...” Yamada immediately embrace Chinen tightly. “I’m here now.. i’m here now, Yuri..”

“Ryosukeee~ Chinen hides his tears in Yamada’s chest, replying to embrace his love.

I'm sorry.. I'm really sorry... I should have realized that you're lonely. How stupid i am! I'm sorry my dear... Yamada is getting tighter to hug. The Chibi smiles and sipping Yamada's scents who hugged his body. Ii--ya, Ryosuke... you're not stupid. You just love me too much.

Yes, I'm crazy because you.. Yamada hissed. They're still fused until Yamada separate the hugs. “May i?” He tended his face close to Chinen as to get permissions.

“Go ahead...”

The Cute guy closes his eyes and directly feeling a soft lips in his lips. Too sweet like a cutton candy and makes lovelorn. The world feels just theirs when they smooched for long time. Unfortunately, they don’t conscious that some one has seeing their way.

“Etto.. Inoo-kun, why do you choose here for your photoshoot?”

Inoo Kei smiles and winks. “You know my answer.”

The Photographer giggled while pointing his camera toward The Princess of JUMP. “But we like stalkers if doing in here. Their 'activity' will be involved in the photo.”

“Jaa, i’ll ask them to stop it.” Then Inoo shouts loudly, “Hey!! Yama-chaaaan!! Chinen~!! What are you doing there??”


Yamada immediately releasing the kiss. “Gyaah! Yuri, look!” he points to the building, “Inoo-chan and Photographer!”

“What!?” Chinen surprised. “Are they took our photo... kiss?”

“Baka! If that so, we’ll get a trouble!”

“Huh, Don’t squeal to me! It’s your fault ‘cause directed me in here!” Chinen grumbled.

“Hey!! Both of you! Let’s pose for taking a picture, ne~!” shouted Inoo again.

“Ah, okay!” Yamada replied while raised his thumb. “Yuri, please pose as you will kiss my cheek...” whispered The Chubby guy.

“Eh? Why?” Chinen  frowns.

“Just do it...” And The Cutie guy surely do it.

The photo is perfect photo ever for Inoo. “Kota must to know about them.. fufufu~” thought The Pretty guy while giggled.




JUMP has a second segment for their photoshoot now. As Yamada requests, he paired with Chinen only.

“Etto... Yamada-kun, please smile widely...” asked The Photograper, but Yamada even smiling awkwardly. How can he smile wide if he get death glare from Yabu when has shooting?!

“Don’t kiss each other in public if you don’t want get a trouble!!” Yabu gives The Buta a danger sign. Chinen who know Yabu’s signal still smile cutely even giggling. He doesn’t matter about that one because The Buta’s kiss is a proof love to him, and also proof to everyone in the world. Yamada loves Chinen so much! <3


A/N : It's choooooooo exhausting wkwk XD Actually this story idea has been long standing but I am too lazy to write it lol XD Sure have to know about this YamaChii photo, right? I had no idea what they are doing there >//< so, I guess like this it happened hoho! And in the second segment YamaChii photos, Yamada does not smile haha~ he scolded by Chii’s father because of carelessly kissing his ‘daughter’ >w< Poor Yama~

Keito ciaaan wkwk

rebutan chii

Chinen mo nyium yama ih
Look to Chinen pose~ XD

beda pose wkwk
see the difference? >w<

tegang banget yam wkwk
Yama get tenseness~ haha XD

Nah, last pict YamaChii from me XD

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ithachanithachan on September 21st, 2014 01:24 am (UTC)
haha good idea!
That Inoo's pic made me scream when the first time I saw it on weibo. Not bcs Inoo but because yamachine suspicious pose as the background♥ >w<
kiwokchwankiwokchwan on September 27th, 2014 11:46 am (UTC)
thanks for reading >w< i also scream when found it in my veranda facebook lol XD Chinen seems want to kiss Yama hahaha XD
btw, you're indonesian right? XD