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13 December 2015 @ 06:53 pm

Pair: YamaChii forever!

Genre: fluff, romance

Author: kiwokchwan

Beta-ed : hikarichan92

Summmary : Thare’s only one sentence for Chinen’s birthday that made him weep in joy. “Thank you, Ryosuke”

P.S : From Yamada’s Point of View. Dedicated for my lovely bias’s birthday, Chinen Yuri.





Oh come on... its almost the time. I gotta see him.

"Can I go home first?"

All the staff, crew, and other players of Ansatsu Live Action turned to me, staring in confuse as if looking at an alien.

"Why? Isn’t this too early, Yamada-kun? Enjoy our moment first! This is just a simple celebration for the completion of our project!" Kang Ji Young said, I frowned at her answer who just got drunk.

Tsk. It's already elev—oh no, it’s half to twelve already! Only a few minutes before the day of his birth. I shouldn’t be in this place until morning just to celebrate the completion of my second movie. Because even since this morning, I haven’t contacted him. And now I must go to see him immediately.

"Sorry. But I have to meet someone. It's important." I went off with a smile. Masaki Suda suddenly looked at me coldly. "Meet up with Chinen, huh?”

I stared back at him.

"Or Keito?"

My hands clenched into a fist. Everyone there was laughing at me until Suda teased me again. "Could you not meet Chinen for one day? You’re depending so much on him. Hmm... If it's not him, then it’s Okamoto-kun. Don’t you want to socialize with us, huh? Whereas Yuto-kun—“

"I’m leaving now. Ja, Minna!" The hell with his words. I immediately walked out of that place, didn't really care with Director-san who might scold me later.

"Damn! My car is sill on the filming location!"

It's really a great misfortune. I just remembered that i went here with them by a van. And It was a waste of time to follow them here. If it were not because of the payment and I wanted to appreciate the director-san, I really was reluctant to join karaoke with them.

I took a glance at my watch. Gosh, I just have a half hour more. This’s danger. Train, help me!

. . . . . .

"Oh c’mon, Keito!" I murmured inside the express train that took me back to Tokyo. Why in such hard time my bestfriend who i trusted so much didn’t pick my—


"Keito! Finally...!"

"Where are you, Yama-chan ?! Chinen is—“

"Yes I know! I'm on the train, heading for Tokyo.” I could hear Keito muttered something, then shouted loudly at my ear, as if i'm going to be deaf just because of his scream. "What the hell! You're still on the way?! It’s almost the day, Yama-chan!"

"I know, I know! Um.., about my presents, it's been set up, right?”

"Forget about the gifts! There would be no time left if you discussing about this now."


"Yamada! You're all that matters. Not gifts! Chinen is waiting for you."

I fell silent, tightly gripping my cell phone. "Wakatta."

The train stopped. I jumped out—almost tripped on my feet—then ran toward his apartment.

“Twelve minutes again. Oh God, please be on my side. Stop your time for a moment. Please!" My legs kept running. At this moment, I envied with Yuto. Oh If I have longer legs, I surely will arrive sooner.

-A week ago-

"Soon is your birthday, right? What do you want?"

He smiled. Beautiful smile as always. Those eyes. His twinkles. I never get tired to look at him just because he is smiling ever so brightly.

"You know all that I want, Ryosuke.”

I chuckled. “Ah, right. Money... Gyoza... Ohno-kun... then, what else?"



"I want you."

"What do you mean?"

The twinkles on his eyes turned into nosy glance. Still beautiful, nonetheless.

"Ryosuke will be busy filming Ansatsu season 2, right?" He leaned on my shoulder. My glance roamed through the room. Ah, there're only members. Staff doesn’t exist in this space, so it's safe! I shifted my body slightly so he got more comfort. "Yes. But I will try to meet you. "

"No, i’m ok. I heard your director is so strict. You’re not allowed to hold a cell phone even just for a moment when the breaktime, right?"

I smiled bitterly. "Yeah, if it's not like that, it would be hard for me to remember my lines and I would ended up chatting with you."

"Oh? The Mighty Ryosuke who’s very good in remembering dialogue couldn't get his best just because of me?"

"Hmm... because you’ve taken my sanity?" I whispered into his ears. He shouted while blushing. "Don’t seduce me with such of tone!”

I laughed more. This time while hugging him gently. The hell I care with the other members that were wristling somewhere else.

"Ryosuke ..."


"I love you."

DAMN! Chinen Yuri, IT SHOULD be my sentence!

He chuckled instead. I sighed. "Don’t say what I should have said, Yuri."

"Hehe.. you just need to repeat it, Ryosuke."

"You're just telling me to say a spoken sentence, Yuri."

"What the hell with that “spoken sentence”!? I've repeatedly said it but you just considered it as a “spoken sentence?” How meanie!”

"I mean, it should be me who say it first, not you.”

"Then, why don’t you say it often? I need to hear that words so badly, really. "

Ahaha... i see, i see, "I love—“

"Shhh ..." He put one finger on top of my lips, I winced as he grinned.

"Say it on my birthday, okay?"

. . . . .



His apartment was not locked at all. How stupid! What if a stranger or crazy fans sneaked in!?


I turned on the lights. My eyes swept around the corner of the apartment and I gasped when my eyes stumbled upon a figure of my dearest laying down on the sofa. That was... my favorite sofa.

I brought myself approaching that figure. Noticing his hands which was still holding a cell phone while his eyes were peacefully closed, I made a guess that he should have waited there for quite a while already. I grabbed the phone and the feeling of guilty crept into my heart as I read an unsent message.

'Ryosuke, I'm waiting for you.'


"Yuri... Hey, wake up, Honey..." I patted his cheek softly. He flinched, a pair of eyes were fluttered open. “Ryo..suke?”


That was a sudden hug I gave only for him. Not forget to whisper a regret sentence.

"Sorry, I’m late..."

I could feel he snorted. "I know this would happen. Well, It doesn’t matter."

"Happy birthday...." I stared at him lovingly, trying to give the best smile, though this time I really want to—

"If you want to cry, then just cry, Ryosuke."

Damn! Such a loser, i am.

Chinen chuckled as he wiped out the little drops beneath my eyes. "Ryosuke, you don’t need to be perfect for me. Because you’re already perfect in the way you are. I understand that you're busy. You do have your own world, so don’t need to force yourself just for me."

"I... I wanna make you cry in happiness. Not me... damn! I'm a loser! Oh God, please.... Why do I become such a loser and shameful infront of my beloved? Da—"



My eyes widened. “Oi, Chinen Yuri!! I've said it so many times, DON’T YOU DARE to kiss me first!!" I yelled at him, but he stuck out his tongue at me.

“Hehe.. i dont care~ because i lov—“

I immediatelly hugged him, tightly, deliberately to stop his words.

"Ryo ..."

More tight.

"Ryosuke ..."

More and more tight.

"Ryosuke... it’s too tight ughhh.. I can barely breath...”

"Just let me.”


"You should know what I feel, Yuri."

"Akhh... but i can’t breath, Ryosuke hhh..."

"You should know that loving you is so tight, Yuri. I love you even every sentence that came out of my mouth feels so tight. Because of you."
He was silent.

"I really, really love you so much."


"Happy birthday." In that sentance, my embrace loosened. I stared back at him, cupping his tiny face with both of my hands. Now I can smile proudly. He cried. Happily cry ahaha ...

I pulled my face closer towards him, to lick the tear that was still sticking shyly behind his eyelid. He chuckled. And my mission has been accomplished.

"Thank you, Ryosuke."


A/N : Jeez... seems to have very long time I didn't visit my LJ and the setting has been changed ^^; I bit confused for post this one haha. Actually this's already published at Chinen's twenty-second birthday, but using Indonesian hehe. I'm writing this to ciel_chiishoryo >w< Since that time Ciel-chan mention me in her fanfic, I also want to mention her (again) hehe XD Oh, and thank you for Asty-nee to correcting my grammar.

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